Here’s one of my own stories, revealed from within the shining archives of the etheric Akashic records, as a very real and tangible vision….

Make of it what you will. I share it from my heart to your heart, beloved friend.



And so, we do acknowledge the Forces of Light,
asking for guidance, direction, and courage to know the Truth
as it is revealed for our highest good and the highest good of everyone
connected to us.

Oh, Holy Spirit of God, protect me from all forms of self-centeredness
and direct my attention to the work at hand.

Help me to know myself in the Light of the Akashic Records,
to see myself through the eyes of the Lords of the Records
and enable me to share the wisdom and compassion
that my Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones have for me.

The Records were now open.


Meditating throughout the day with sacred breathing techniques, I’d gone deeper and deeper into a trance state, as planned. My breathing and heartbeat slowing, my mind deeply peaceful, and my body relaxed, I settled comfortably on my long white couch, with a soft blue and white cushion tucked under my head.


With a deeply hypnotic meditation playing softly in the background, I began to sink deeper and deeper, and then began to arise into a sacred space of Akasha.

I found myself in a tall crystalline structure. A luminous and pearlescent space, with many muted warm colours mauve lavender and soft pink on transparent walls, and very pleasing to my soul.


I asked my Question of the sacred lightful Akashic Guides who surrounded me with love, and held me in their winged arms high above the world I currently reside in.

Images began coming to me, the first not so clear. Then a very distinctive scene began unfolding in front of me.

A battlefield.

Over two hundred years ago. There were guns, so possibly yes. Possibly WWI.


A battlefield scene, at the end of the battle. My comrades, very much beloved friends to me – many lay in the mud and dust, mortally wounded in unbearable pain and agony.

I had a job. A given duty. As a medico and soldier, I’d been give an onerous and heartbreaking duty I must have, in some delusional moment, thought I could actually fulfil.

This duty was that of delivering the coup de grace to all my fallen comrades. At this time, they seemingly numbered among the hundreds if not thousands.


The moment of truth arrived, and I just could not do it. My own agonising internal battle began, and ultimately, I turned and left the battlefield, with the cries of my fallen comrades ringing in my ears and my heart for the rest of my days.

The whole thing seemed to go against all I was, all I’d ever been, and all I would ever be.

I just could not do it.


Their heartrending cries also fell on the ears of another soldier, who had no difficulty whatsoever in immediately stepping forward to deliver the final coup de grace to those calling for relief from their agonising battlefield injuries.

Those hundreds if not thousands were summarily dispatched at this soldier’s hands.


And in this moment of transition from that lifetime to their next phase, many experienced very intense emotions, and they carried these powerful feelings from those days into future lifetimes.

All I can say is – in a massive understatement – their emotions were not good at all toward myself, and they were very good toward the soldier that delivered the final blow.


I left the scene and returned to the Akashic Guides and thence back into my own home. With a powerful and sad understanding, and an intense quest to know more.

About other lifetimes that would explain my question further.


However, this particular memory seemed to belong to a very pivotal and figural lifetime.

I immediately went online and started researching ‘coup de grace on the battlefield’, as I wasn’t aware of such a thing. And found an extensive history of this action of military ‘mercy’ on the battlefield, carried out over many centuries, recorded by many, many researchers.

It all began making sense, answering some of my questions. And I also knew their research was the tip of the iceberg. But it was something I’d never heard of, or thought about, in this lifetime.

And so, what was my question?

It was about deeply painful and seemingly inexplicable events in this lifetime, of incredible loss and betrayal by some I’d held very dear to my heart as very beloved friends.

And about a person in this and other lifetimes who seemingly has an insane mission to destroy me. A task she seems hellbent on, and ultimately will not achieve. These two things were and are inextricably entwined. And I knew I was reaching the end of this particularly excruciatingly painful cycle.


But still needing answers.

I needed to understand as part of a healing of my own wounds.

And so, yet again the incredibly revealing, healing and deeply therapeutic power of opening the Akashic records was revealed.


I would like to thank the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones for their love and compassion.

I would like to thank the Lords of the Akashic Records for their point of view.
And I would like to thank the Holy Spirit of Light for all knowledge and healing.

The Records were now closed. Amen.
The Records were now closed. Amen.
The Records were now closed. Amen.


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With great love and warmth,
Julie x