To find the Beloved is to find one’s Self, to discover that God is one’s very own, highly identical with one’s Self, the innermost self, the Self of the self

         Sri  Andandamayi Maa



Real learning comes about the when the competitive spirit has ceased

–          Krishnamurti


I seriously have difficulties with the analogy some have of life being a game.

Being deeply disinterested in most sports, one of my most difficult missions here is to deconstruct competitive society. It’s been the most amazing   and mind-blowing process to have experienced someone competing with and challenging me over the past few years. With a circle behind them egging them on.

I guess the higher powers in the Akashic circle thought I should really have a taste of competition and how to deal with it in all its unwanted glory, unable to be ignored when thrust so harshly in your face by a sports-obsessed world.

Or was it The Hunger Games being re-enacted. Felt that way at times. Or even Highlander – ‘there can be only one’!

OK so, it was a contract I wrote, I admit it. In between lifetimes, I, being in my own higher power, agreed to go through this. To my soul, though, it was the equivalence of a living hellish nightmare, seemingly endless in duration. Keeping a cool head throughout admittedly wasn’t fully achieved…

Before I came here this time, I agreed that part of the works of compassion many of us have come here to do, for myself included holding competitive society up to the light and really showing the damage that can be done. And in that contract, I apparently had to personally experience it yet again on  a deeply visceral and soul level. A task not to be taken on lightly.

It didn’t matter that I don’t believe in and deeply dislike competitions. Apparently, I agreed in this lifetime to be confronted with a challenge so fierce I could not walk away. Until I brought to light again and used the very powerful spiritual tools to enable rising above.

The enormous roadblocks in my path didn’t always actually speak to me about ME, although I have issues, for sure, but it spoke to me of  global resistance to experiencing life on a whole new level. There are a number of alternate futures still within all our grasp, and we’re all stepping through the portals as we now speak.

So -how about a world of enormous personal freedom? Where any dispute ends in a win-win no matter what. A world where we meditate from the very beginning of life and this in turn brings an emotionally calm person into maturity, with self-control and an open-hearted approach to life in all its challenging  diversity.

What if we took that curve-turn away from a hyper-capitalist, empty hearted and empty -eyed consumerist society.  And stepped up a level into a warmer and more tender reality of social harmony, where communication involving dominance and subservience did not exist.

A place where every child has many loving parents, and when older choose their own path, what’s right for them

A classless society where social justice and respect for each individual is written in each and every heart.

So, this is the place I want to live. I have a larger picture to paint of this, but here’s a starting place.

Meanwhile the flying monkeys and the sociopathic hive try to perpetuate the game of life and draw those of us who have walked away, back in. But it’s not just a fun childish game.


It’s actually a game of life and death. A game where anything goes – black magic, technological surveillance and hacking, theft, lies, reputation smearing and other unlovely permutations.  

This usually results in significant loss of health and emotional wellbeing with ultimately deadly consequences. It’s a serious matter and no longer to be taken lightly. The game of win and lose is also in reality, a game of life and death.

The culture that idolises the martial warrior, conflict, war, the cult of competition, and the predator and hunted, and other vicious ‘games’, will continue to play on.

It’s just not a reality I choose to participate in. I don’t really understand it on a soul level – it doesn’t align with any higher purpose. It creates enormous suffering and sickness for many and I don’t see the gains, except for some momentary endorphin high the players and observers receive when one person is raised above another.   

It’s seriously time for social transformation and those ways really won’t cut it anymore.  We can talk about planetary spiritual ‘ascension’, but there needs to be a reality check about ground base, and how it feels. Do we really want to lose Mother Earth due to endless conflict and ceaseless carelessness? And be forced to move to Mars? I think not.

But truthfully, real deconstruction of power games begins with language, as thoughts become the words that create our reality.

Either this current social structure continues to degrade through war, conflict and loveless endless consumerism into ultimate corruption and destruction.

Or we can take societal transformation into our hands and hearts, knowing it begins in the realm of ideas and thoughts. And essentially create a new reality through a gently radical r/evolution of the wheel, to the change that’s so needed.



© Julie Cairnes 2018



For all beings wanting to bring in pure prana without taking from another, here’s a beautiful meditation for you. It will suffuse, saturate and irradiate your entirety with the breath of life for vital energy. Simple and lovely, all you need do is picture a stunningly gorgeous orchid within you, gently attached to your spine by its stem, its gorgeous face radiant behind your navel or Chi area and the invisible stamen as a delicate light tendril extending directly through and beyond your navel area to the fresh air around you.  Allow the stamen to breathe in pure life energy for you from a natural environment –  say a forest or ocean or anywhere nature lives – and softly diffuse this all ‘round your being, to every cell and fibre. Just allow the orchid to breathe it in and breathe it throughout your being. This does not have to go with your actual breath cycle.  You just set this up and it will continue on its own, bringing in precious prana, feeding and nourishing your being with such beautiful high life energy.



In Buddhism, equanimity (upekkhā, upekṣhā) is one of the four sublime attitudes and is considered:

Neither a thought nor an emotion, it is rather the steady conscious realization of reality’s transience. It is the ground for wisdom and freedom and the protector of compassion and love. While some may think of equanimity as dry neutrality or cool aloofness, mature equanimity produces a radiance and warmth of being. The Buddha described a mind filled with equanimity as “abundant, exalted, immeasurable, without hostility and without ill-will.”


Equanimity can also be cultivated through meditation


Image / Anahata Chakra by Mushrushu



The main way energy is extracted from another person is to upset the person…. A person is thrown out of balance, and this is what causes the person to give up some life energy.

– Dr L Wilson

Do we need defence against this? Yes, yes, yes we do, I can’t say this enough… and how we do this is many and varied, and I’ll go into this more over time. Shielding is good, as is living your life fully.

What we need most of all is to live the great spiritual concept of:




Light a white candle to the end of the very difficult cycle you’ve come through.

The breakthrough insights that came in these times revealed you weren’t who you thought you were. But something more.

As you’re guided onto the path of healing, a bright portal has opened. These healings take place beyond time and beyond space.

Take note, because you’re now entering a new cycle at a higher vibrational level. You’ll lift on the solar breeze of a lighter and freer energy.

If you choose to share your healing gifts, you’ll free not only yourself but also others. Freedom from the past, from trauma, and from anything that might drain your life energy.

Freedom from anything, from this and other lifetimes, that has distracted and taken your attention from Divine Love.



Staying true to yourself and in your own power.  Remaining in your knowing of yourself as sovereign in your own life. This is your birthright. For you are a most Divine being.

Living our life as we choose and no need for permission from anyone to be who we are. As sovereign ruler and spiritual authority of our Self. This is not about controlling others or whatever is around us, but about our own spiritual awakening and freedom to be as we are.

There are so many voices of the world out there – testing, challenging, and judging from the sidelines of our life. There’s simply no need to give our power away to those others.

For we are the truth unto our Self.

Those testing voices of the world call out and invite us to live in fear of loss or abandonment, as we awaken into realisation. Of our own inner freedom and independence.

And at times in that recognition of our own spiritual authority, we’ll also see others seeking to have power over us.

Attempting to manipulate us into placing them as the authority in our life rather than our Self.

There are times when our soul can really feel under assault, with many challenging or even mocking us. And we absolutely do have the choice to question such challenges.

These are also the times we must stand our ground, to protect and guard our own inner truth and authority.

A time to fully live in our own truth. There’s no need to challenge the other or try to bring them to our way of seeing things.

It’s really about knowing and living our own truth. Even if they seek to harm us. Which is really about their own fear.

We really don’t need anyone else’s agreement to be who we are and live our own empowered life.



You’ve intentionally and deliberately cut the energetic cords with anything or anyone you wish to release from your life, that has been deliberately draining you of your life force, or of your joy of living.  Then it’s important to immediately cleanse, after first drinking a big glass of water



Is a cutting of the energetic cords to any experience, relationship or toxic situation that has been seriously holding you back in your life, and draining your life energy.

When you cut the cords in this way you’re not hurting anybody, either physically or energetically.

This is about letting go of a very unhealthy and unbalanced energetic flow, and clearing the energetic space between you both. There’s no need to stop loving them, you’re just ending the negative impact on you, and stopping their capacity to drain you of your energy, power, time, and your inner peace.

In this way you are both released to be able to fully stand separately and independently in each your own power.

 ‘I release with love what was tied to me, and with love and thanks set us both free. The silver ties are now released, with Goddess’s help so mote it be’.  

It may seem like an ending but it’s really a beautiful chance for a transformational new beginning



If you’ve been feeling drained and depleted for quite some time, nothing goes down better for energy restoration than real green juice.  I also highly recommend that each time you have this life-restoring and replenishing drink – say – 3 times a day – that you also take 6 Hawaiian Pacifica green Spirulina tablets. If you’re an empath who’s been under attack by energy vampires or narcissists, chances are you’re feeling very debilitated, deeply exhausted and severely fatigued, as though the victim of a very real vampire attack. So – treat yourself as though you have been – and do all you can to build up and strengthen your blood and energy once more. Adrenals burnt-out by stress, and a heart impacted by anxiety from unrelenting abuse all need to be healed and fully ultra- nourished.


It will take time but you WILL heal.

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