Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body

~ Thich Nhat Hanh


Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning the  ‘life force’  made of cosmic God energy permeating the universe on every level.


Originating from the emanations of the Sun or Source, prana connects each and every universal element, animate or inanimate.


We’ve all learnt by experience  that there are times where our very vitality or ‘elan vital’ is sucked or drained out of us by various people or situations, and when we return to the deeply nourishing heart of nature, our life force is fed and replenished.



And the very essence of the subtle process of breathing in and out, is not just that of breathing air, but prana!


Air is not ‘the real thing’ but a channel for the breath of life.


The mysterious, subtle and immaterial prana moves imperceptibly through the medium of air. We know that even where air cannot live, prana can go.


Buddha reached enlightenment  through detached observation of pranic breath using anapana and vipassana.


As we move our awareness into our opened third eye we can clearly observe the essential movement of our breath.


So, this is where we reach the point of breakthrough – the place where it can happen –  where you can sense the very subtle movement of prana though your breath.



There’s a sutra that advises us to ‘let form fill with breath essence to the top of the head’.


To let form fill.


And then as our awareness and imagination shifts to the third eye and then to our crown chakra – and this can only be effortless, without any sense of will, force or pressure – the thing happens.


Spirit knocks on our door, to let in the light.



Our sahasrara, the highest chakra and psychic centre at the crown of our head, becomes filled with radiance.


A brilliant shower of light.


And this life-giving prana showers down through our entire being and thus we are rejuvenated, refreshed, reborn and renewed.



Now this is a tantric concept and process, and your intention can only be pure for it not to be dangerous, and to be effective.


Being clear on what purity of mind means is imperative, in order to understand the impact of impure thoughts when practicing this type of pranic breathing.


Understanding the power of your mind, thoughts, emotions and imagination, it’s crucial to  clear and purify your thoughts before practicing tantric breathing.


This is the magical essence of insight, awareness and truly conscious creation.