$500.00 / month for 3 months

Fire Opal Program

My 3-month program for LGBT/Queer/TwoSpirit folk:


In this LGBT Counseling program I’ll work with you to heal from the past, to step back fully into the magical power that is your absolute birthright, once more

  • Do you yearn to understand and reconnect with your magical queer nature?
  • Are you often almost immobilised by old painful wounds of rejection and being shamed?
  • Does adversity make you feel powerless?
  • Does your grief and/or anger about phobic reactions to queerness blind you to your great value and sacred power?
  • Now is the time to regain your sense of self-worth and reclaim your natural magical power!
  • With my guidance you will cultivate your relationship with your own inner wisdom
  • Feel deeply empowered in your sense of your own queer identity
  • Understand how power loss happens
  • Reclaim any lost power and heal from the trauma of old incidents, conflict and deep wounding

In your first LGBT Counseling program session:

In this LGBT Counseling program I will do a divination with an Akashic reading that will bring great insight into the causes and contracts that have created the emotional, physical and spiritual issues you are experiencing. The reading will bring in strong spiritual guidance do for our way forward into your next sessions. A counselling session will then give us opportunity to discuss the diagnosis of the cause of your conditions, and will be followed by distance cleansing ritual and healing.

Following sessions will include:

  • Spiritual counselling and healing
  • Deep exploration of any trauma you have sustained in this lifetime and/or past lifetimes, whether it be spiritual, racial, sexual or through warfare, I am here for you
  • Guided journeying to find your spiritual guides and bring in messages trying to reach you
  • Cord cutting (releasing unwanted attachments)
  • Healing of the ancestors
  • Visionary and re-balancing healing work
  • Exercise to connect you back to nature and revitalise you
  • Ongoing and regular creative exercises to re-activate your own empowerment
  • Ongoing and regular Personal assignments will be given to assist in your lasting healing
  • Study the magical history of GLBTQ/TwoSpirited people and what this means for you
  • Finding your own very real magic again, thus enlightening your life and of others around you

Other healing methods will be used as needed in this LGBT Counseling program

For lasting and deep transformational healing, its recommended to follow though these sessions until complete. Some sessions will have expected to be at need as your healing commences. Weekly session will be offered initially to really being to clear deep rooted negative energies and can shift to 2-weekly sessions at need to allow deeper integration of healing and realigning to a new way of living. To a very real understanding of the very magical being that you are. And how you can use this magic to transform your world in the very best possible way



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