Moonstone program

6 months


In this transformational healing programme, you can choose to travel for 3 to 6 months with healer and experienced coach and counsellor, Julie Cairnes, with an intensive and in-depth focus on healing PTSD and other traumas. Together you will work on healing any shock or trauma that you have sustained in this and/or other lifetimes.

Some of the experiences you’re having that will be unravelled from your psyche, and rewoven into something workable and beautiful once again, might include:

o Anxiety and depression
o Shock and trauma
o PTSD and its severe impact on your life and relationships
o Night terrors, nightmare and flashbacks
o Being triggered
o Uncontrollable thoughts and feelings,
o Memory blocks

Life Beyond Trauma can be a 3 month or 6-month transformational intensive healing programme. It’s your choice, it’s your call.
Julie will lead you through this in-depth healing program, focused on trauma and PTSD. This transformational program will lead you through a deep exploration of your core wounding. And work through any intense anxiety, trauma and shock you are living with that is impacting and immobilising you from living life in the way you had dreamt it could be.
This powerful program exposes those walls and blocks that keep you trapped in a world of nameless fears. And helps you push through those barriers that have kept you from your spontaneity and joy.

Julie has been working with trauma issues with clients for many years, and is highly skilled in working with anxiety, PTSD, abuse, addictions, and associated physical and health issues.
When you participate in your own healing with her masterful guidance, you will see your old stories unravel, and dive into new depths of healing. Bringing you a sense of anchored stability, and a deep and abiding peace.

o Find out just what it is that is holding you back from living your life fully and learn how to transform it
o Dig deep into the problems and uproot them at the very source. This is done through accessing your innermost ‘unconscious’, and brings in your Higher Self for guidance and answers
o Address all these gnarly issues gracefully and very effectively
o Using insights from the akasha and also use of your astrological birth chart we can go even deeper into spiritual messages from these sources. That will move us even faster toward comprehensive understanding and healing
o Some traumas may be buried deep and long forgotten, but we will access and heal them, bringing understanding to areas in your life that often just seem to go awry
o Your self-confidence will grow, as will your communication skills. Relationship problems will also be impacted positively
o You will reclaim your power. And be empowered once more.

You brought some of your trauma with you from past lifetimes. It can be spiritual trauma, racial trauma, warfare trauma, sexual abuse trauma, violence and/or violation, and many other types of assaults on your being. Psychic trauma is also very real and I work in this area also.

I do not ‘blame the victim’! I do not work in that way.

I understand deeply the process of healing from being victimised and reclaim your strength and power in the world. There will be no shaming or blaming, but more an owning of how it has impacted on you and the ways you have built your life to survey and withstand ongoing assaults against you

Forgiveness of the perpetrator is also something that comes in its own time, when a victim of abuse, and we cannot push the river in this process.
We will work with the problems that have grown into the present that are rooted in your the past. Often these issues are not only from this life, from past lifetimes also. Due to the way they have penetrated your unconscious, it helps to have masterful guidance in your healing, and not have to do it all on your own

This healing of the soul work is deeply transformational and you will notice its healing impact on your life by the 3rd session if not sooner.
Within every shock or trauma is lost power and lost energy. Each time we’ve experienced betrayal, felt violated in some way, each heartbreak, all have a deep and ongoing impact on confidence and success in our lives. These times of loss of power speak of being uncentred, with disconnection from Source

Accessing those soul and cell memories, and where they are held in our being, is where the healing can truly begin. This is a core component of Julie’s work, and aims to reveal and heal all the unconscious wounding responsible for your negative life stories.

In your first session:

I will do a divination with an Akashic reading that will bring great insight into the causes and contracts that have created the emotional, physical and spiritual issues you are experiencing. The reading will bring in strong spiritual guidance do for our way forward into your next sessions. A counselling session will then give us opportunity to discuss the diagnosis of the cause of your conditions, and will be followed by distance cleansing ritual and healing.
Following sessions will include:

o Ongoing regular weekly trauma counselling and healing, which at times can also be at need.
o Deep exploration of any trauma you have sustained in this lifetime and/or past lifetimes, whether it be spiritual, violation, racial, sexual or through warfare – I am here for you
o Guided journeying to find your spiritual guides and bring in messages trying to reach you
o Cord cutting (releasing unwanted attachments)
o Healing of the ancestors
o Visionary and re-balancing healing work
o Exercise to connect you back to nature and revitalise you
o Ongoing and regular creative exercises to re-activate your own empowerment
o Ongoing and regular Personal assignments will be given to assist in your lasting healing

Other healing methods will be used as needed

For lasting and deep transformational healing, its recommended to follow though these sessions until complete. Some sessions will have expected to be at need as your healing commences. Weekly session will be offered initially to really being to clear deep rooted negative energies and can shift to 2-weekly sessions at need to allow deeper integration of healing and realigning to a new way of living.


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