$500.00 / month for 6 months

Turquoise Program

6 months


Are you feeling a sense of having lost power or deep disempowerment, through life circumstances, trauma or karmic recurrences? If you want to learn how to shift these deep karmic patterns and release old soul contracts that no longer serve you, then the Reclaim Your Power course is for you. Many of the problems of your present are rooted in your past or past lifetimes. They are often deeply unconscious, creating difficulties in accessing and healing on your own

  • Let’s reach deep down into the subterranean caverns of your problems and uproot them together
  • Find out what’s holding you back, the old blocks and patterns, and transform it
  • Gracefully and effectively work through these issues
  • Heal old traumas long forgotten but lodged deep in your DNA and very cells


With every shock or trauma you’ve ever experienced you’ve lost energy and connection with Source

  • Every betrayal, every heartbreak, every moment of ridicule or teasing can impact deeply and scar your very soul
  • You may have then seriously lost confidence in yourself, and the ability to move forward effectively in your life


Together we can find those wounds and work together for healing. To access your connection with Source and with your power and sense of empowerment once more.

This is very shamanic work and we also address power that has been lost through unbalanced interactions, relationships, and with energy vampires or entities. The consequences in engaging with energy vampires can be very serious and you need to learn how to close the doors to these interactions and rebuild your lost energy which has left you feeling extremely debilitated. The consequences can sometimes be so serious it can lead to loss of health, vitality, life energy, loss of interest in life, and worse.


I will teach you how to

  • close the door on energy stealing relationships
  • rebuild your own life energy again as a high priority
  • learn how to have relationships that have equal energy exchange
  • disengage from any relationship with narcissistic personality types
  • Find and reclaim your own power again
  • Live life on your own terms


In your first session:

I will do a divination with an Akashic reading that will bring great insight into the causes and contracts that have created the emotional, physical and spiritual issues you are experiencing. The reading will bring in strong spiritual guidance do for our way forward into your next sessions. A counselling session will then give us opportunity to discuss the diagnosis of the cause of your conditions, and will be followed by distance cleansing ritual and healing.
Following sessions will include:

  • Spiritual counselling and healing
  • Deep exploration of any trauma you have sustained in this lifetime and/or past lifetimes, whether it be spiritual racial, sexual or through warfare, I am here for you
  • Guided journeying to find your spiritual guides and bring in messages trying to reach you
  • Cord cutting (releasing unwanted attachments)
  • Healing of the ancestors
  • Visionary and re-balancing healing work
  • Exercise to connect you back to nature and revitalise you
  • Ongoing and regular creative exercises to re-activate your own empowerment
  • Ongoing and regular Personal assignments will be given to assist in your lasting healing



Other healing methods will be used as needed

For lasting and deep transformational healing, its recommended to follow though these sessions until complete. Some sessions will have expected to be at need as your healing commences. Weekly session will be offered initially to really being to clear deep rooted negative energies and can shift to 2-weekly sessions at need to allow deeper integration of healing and realigning to a new way of living.



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