Deep Diving Discovery Session

Deep Diving Discovery Session


Herkimer Diamond

One-off Session


This session is a deep and loving exploration of what your heart and soul is longing for, and a courageous first step into a new life!

This is where we begin to explore what lights up your world- what lights you up inside!

This session is designed to help you move quickly out of a stuck place and into a place of insight and clarity. Helping you move into fresh new goals, sharpening your image of your heart’s desire, and getting clarity on who and what you are called to do and be. Sparking up and igniting a whole new world of inspiration!

Sometimes all you need is the right person to bounce your ideas off and check into the soundness of your incoming inspiration

This session is designed just for that. Plus I will challenge you to stretch your spiritual and vision muscles even further into your vision, so you can get there faster!

In this session you will get:

° A specifically designed insight and discovery program that will help support you in getting crystal clear about just what it is you are wanting to transform or create in your world

° An initial focussing session designed to stimulate your inner enquiry and build a strong foundation for our work together

° At the end of the session you will have some answers and possibly more questions (!), and clarity about your way forward

° You will have some strategies and tools to support you in staying connected to your new vision and keeping it alive and strong


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