Step into Your Fearless Life

Step into Your Fearless Life

$500.00 / month for 4 months


4 months


Do you feel that somewhere along the way, you lost your authentic voice in the world, and truly want to find its strength and power again?

Is there an area of your life where you want to be more real, where you stop hiding from the world and really start to live once more?

Step Into Your Fearless Life is a 4 month deeply intensive one to one program, and is a powerful exploration of your capacity to live fearlessly, with courage and genuine connection and reconnection to your life. You will feel incredibly inspired, as you become the creator of profound change in your life!

The Step Into Your Fearless Life program is designed to support people from all walks of life : women, men and young people all learn how to show up for your life, be heard and live a fearless life, bringing true inner peace. The main focus is on developing resilience to the blows of life such as shaming and develop practices that will transform daily life in all the ways that we live, love and lead

The work you do in this program is designed to have a huge impact on your life – both personal and professional – so get ready to dive deep!

Step Into Your Fearless Life is for you if:

  • You are tired of endlessly trying to meet perfection and improve yourself
  • You want to love and accept who you are now, as you are, now
  • The voice of the inner critic has had its day and now needs to kindly leave the room!
  • You are now ready to live a fearless and wholehearted life filed with joy!

The Step Into Your Fearless Life offers clarity and support as we explore together such areas as courage, shame, vulnerability, lovableness and worthiness, giving you tools and strategies to show up in your life, empowering you to live a fearless and courageous life!

Together we look deeply into the behaviours thoughts and feelings holding you back, and identify new ways to live, and new choices that will move you into completely new way of authentic and fullhearted life.

What You Will Get:

  • Two x one hour or 90-minute sessions per month via skype or Zoom
  • Access to videos and other materials that are part of the program
  • Ongoing support at need between sessions, to help you stay focussed and on track, bringing in practices that you choose to support you
  • Strategies, tools and practices designed to support your process in gaining new knowledge about resilience to shaming, how to face your discomfort and embrace your vulnerability
  • Other resources: books, meditations and other inspirational tools!


An opportunity to join an online support forum: Step Into Your Fearless Life, and a monthly Skype/Zoom call for all members of the program choosing to live in a wholehearted




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